Navigational Equipment

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of NAVIGATIONAL EQUIPMENT such as Meter Marine Distance Starter, Sextant Micrometer and Indicator Course Battenberg MK-5 from India.

Meter Marine Distance Starter Patt. No. 6605-000161

Stuart Marine Distance Meter provides a means of measuring the range of an object of known height at ranges between one quarter of a cable and up to 30 cables.

Sextant Micrometer, 10 Sec. Accuracy

( N0552-0000491) Patt. No. 6605-000177 It is used for measuring angles in any plane vertical or horizontal and is used for Coastal Navigation.

Indicator Course Battenberg MK-5

Patt. No. 06605-000160 The batten burg is designed for solving relative velocity problems based on PPI presentation with own ship stationery at the centre.

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